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In order to attract and retain high-level partners, we provide a work

environment that acknowledges and rewards the performance of 

each partner. Following our Mission, we embrace diversity and

we pay respect to eachother. We care about our partners'

concerns, we offer them constant training and career opportunities

and a safe working environment.


It is important to us to strengthen our team by hiring candidates

who have the same values and key beliefs as we have, who are

creative, team-players, loyal, adaptable, trust-worthy, with

business thinking and mentality, who are self-motivated and

passionate for their job and like to contribute to local community. 


At Starbucks, you will be given the opportunity to develop your

skills and abilities , to advance to your career and to set and achieve

your personal and professional goals. Also, you will have the

opportunity to practice excellent customer service and offer to our

customers a sense of belonging. Send your CV at , indicating the reference code of the

position that you are interested in.


Career Paths


A)Opportunities at our stores

B)Opportunities at the Support Center

  • Finance
  • Partner (Human) Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Development
  • Supply Chain

Would you like to share our passion for success? Can you offer

excellent service to our customers? Send your CV  to us and become

a Starbucks Partner!



Store Manager (SM-ATH)

Shift Supervisor (SSV-ATH)

Barista (B-ATH)


We are sorry, there aren't any available openings at the moment


We are sorry, there aren’t any available openings at the moment


We are sorry, there aren’t any available openings at the moment


Store Manager - Nicosia (SM-NC-CY)

Store Manager - Limassol (SM-LM-CY)


Assistant Store Manager - Nicosia (ASM-NC-CY)

Assistant Store Manager - Limassol (ASM-LM-CY)

Assistant Store Manager - Larnaca (ASM-LC-CY)


Shift Supervisor - Nicosia (SSv-NC-CY)

Shift Supervisor - Limassol (SSv-LM-CY)


Barista - Nicosia (B-NC-CY)

Barista - Larnaca (B-LC-CY)

Barista - Pafos (B-PF-CY)



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